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סוסיא - Susia

עודכן: 27 במרץ 2020

As the vast blue sea sparkles under the sun The volunteers wait for the bus to come... Introductions are made, jobs offered - assigned To me, 22 others and a good friend of mine. We've come to give a good time (at the Tel Baruch beach) To Muslim women and children who don't have the beach in their reach. From the Occupied Territories - Judah and Shomron To the North Tel Aviv Beach in a special marked zone. For most, it's their first time to be by the sea To be courted and played with - but most to be free. The bus finally comes and our friends come out into the sun To "Welcomes" "Mar Haba" Now it's time to have fun. They walk toward the beach full of good cheer and laughter This is exactly what the organizers are after. This is what PEACE looks's not so demanding This is our way to make right a huge misunderstanding. We are all good on both sides - We know this of YOU "Minelbahar" is proving that this too is  true. Then one fully dressed woman - braver than  others  runs  into the small surf - in front of children and mothers First they just look, a few come test the waters Then slowly they wade in with their sons and their daughters.

Monic Kisos

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