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הג'הלין - the jahalin

עודכן: 27 במרץ 2020

It has always been my belief that one word, respect, is the key to success. Whether it be children, adults or more. After-all we are all human beings and have feelings. We are all people who want to be loved and also we want to love, yet sometimes we are led blindly  to places and thoughts that do not allow us to do this. It is not difficult for us to love each other and simply share moments of joy. I do feel though that a new word has to replace respect and that is education. Of course if we educate the next generation properly, then respect will follow, it will be right behind. We rely too much on what 'they' say and sometimes are too quick to believe.

Today I spent a beautiful day with a group of children from the village Jahalin.

We played and swam and did all the things that normal people do, this is because we are all normal, yet somehow we don't exactly feel that way sometimes. If we do not care for the human rights, the basic human rights of our fellow man, regardless of color and creed, then we are not fulfilling life's destiny. War or conflict cannot be and should never bellowed as an excuse to abandon our beliefs. So today brought me a feeling of  joy, and, sadness knowing that this was not a regular occurrence and many things had to happen for it to take place. But you know, not about that I want to use my words; I want to use them to speak of the joy on these beautiful little children's faces as they splashed around and played in the water, of the little girl who gave a cheeky grin as she enjoyed this precious moment. She was living life, seizing the day, and of the mutual respect that does not have to be highlighted, because this is simply the way it is. We have good seeds within us and can choose when to water them and allow them to blossom. Today a large group of volunteers made this happen. As soon as I arrived without a word being spoken I knew I was amongst my own people and that there is hope for this world and that we can move forward with the belief that things can change.

I thank everybody involved for this beautiful day, especially the children for showing me what I already knew...

Carl Rogers Photos:  Haim schwarczenberg, Michael Wexler 

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