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יאטא - דרום הר חברון - Yata

עודכן: 27 במרץ 2020

Today was my first time volunteering for sea days. When the volunteers met this morning to discuss safety we were told to keep everyone inside one section of water that is marked by a rope. These instructions were being translated from Hebrew into English and the woman who was translating said something like, “It’s important to keep them inside the borders. The borders keep them safe.” This sent chills down my spine. The word “border” is a sensitive and powerful word here. But it’s appropriate to call the rope-line a border and it’s important to make the connection about why we’re here. To give something to people whose lives are defined by borders.

The group today was from a school in Hebron. Many young boys and girls and their parents joined us at a beautiful beach in Tel Aviv. We swam and ate ice cream as we got to know a little bit about each other. I met mothers and fathers who spoke Arabic, English, Hebrew and French. I met teenage boys with so much energy and enthusiasm and young girls who showed no fear as they plunged into the salty water of the sea for the first time. They were so happy and excited to splash around and swim. It brought me great joy to see them smile and laugh.

So today was a day of firsts. For many of the Palestinians from Hebron it was a first time at the sea. And for me it was a first time making real connections with Palestinians. It was a wonderful day and I’ll be going back often.

Sarah Holcman (from "Masa")

נשים יקרות היום פגשנו בחברון את המשפחות שהיו בים אתכם אתמול. הייתם צריכות לראות איזה אושר זרח על פניהם כשסיפרו על יום הכף בים. וכמה תודות. מסרו גם לחברות שאיני יודעת את המייל שלהן קצת אושר בזיפת הזה מיכל צדיק

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