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The sea-days organized by the Min-El-Bahar group bring to life a unique opportunity for face to face encounters between Israelis and Palestinians, who cannot interact on an equal basis in everyday life. The unresolved conflict and violent confrontations have created during the years an emotional and physical distance between the two communities, which, in fact, have so much in common. This distance has led to suspicion and fear, which have been perpetuated by all governments.

The simple human encounter of children and volunteers on the beach is the key for this initiative. Caring for the children and women on their first time at the beach and the joy shared in playing games open us to an understanding of the ‘other’ and help us discover the person behind the stigma.

Sea, sand, sunshine, a ball, a smile and a few words are the play blocks of this day. This is all you need to enjoy, know each other, change your point of view and understand that there is another way….


The project for 2024 is yet unknown -  hope for a voice of peace

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