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Like the seasons of the year, like the sea that longs for the shore, we too, persist in bringing Palestinian children and their mothers to the sea every year during the summer. These are children who have never seen the sea, who have never enjoyed its waves or built castles in the sand. For some, the sea can be seen from the roof of their homes – a view so close but so unreachable.
The entire project is based on volunteers but we still have many expenses for transportation from the villages and back, insurance, lifeguards, floats, lunches and art materials. The average cost per day for one child is about NIS 160. The amount we receive from donations will determine the number of sea-days we can afford.
The children's great excitement at the sight of the sea and the pleasure of their mothers is heart-rending and gives much hope. At the beach they have an opportunity to meet Israelis without uniforms, whose sole purpose is to create a positive and joyful experience. It is our contribution to bringing the two communities closer together and hopefully removing the suspicion, fear and hostility which now exists between Israelis and Palestinians.

Please join us by donating and thereby sharing with us the happy laughter of a child and the pleasure of the mother, since without donations this project cannot survive.

The project for 2024 is yet unknown -  hope for a voice of peace

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