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Beit Kachal, July 4, 2022

A visit at the beach

“Blue sea, blue sky

A clear day at the beach

Children jumping in the water

And the soft sand, Beach Day women

Tell me a story, daddy

I can’t fall asleep…”

I have a story!

This morning, Monday, July 4, 2022, I discovered the Beach Day women who hosted a group of children and their mothers from the Palestinian village of Beit Kuhul near Hebron – at the Tel Aviv beach. The children of the hills from Beit Kuhul (deep blue, in Arabic), who had only seen the sea in songs and stories until now, showed reservation as they disembarked. Their first dip in the water, however, brightened their faces, although they did not yet dare to get away from the shore. After a first round, the mothers joined, taking a turn on the life-saving rings in the water of the Tel Baruch beach. And the children, as children always do, jumped again and again, trying to catch the fish that came to check who had arrived at the beach that morning.

The women make the children’s dream come true, to get to the beach. They are an impressive group of women, strong and confident, who have chosen to act and give us and the Palestinians a chance to meet one another on the beach, at only good things happen. Three times a week in the summer, children and mothers from Palestine meet the sea waves for the first time. I am glad to have had the privilege to take part in this activity, and wish to thank these brave ‘women of the sea’ for their undying constancy, acting to make this a better place for us all.

“Daddy, have you got more such nice stories?” (And thanks to Jonathan Gefen for he quotes…)

written by: Dror

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